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12 May 2014

Final weekend!

The second weekend of the Food Connections festival came along all too quickly - working doesn't half get in the way of the rest of your life so had to miss out on all sorts of things I'd have loved to have gone to - hopefully ill plan further ahead for next year and take some leave to do it all properly! But for the last weekend I still had time to fit in one last event, and a great event it was too. Cheese school held at the lovely Laura's Harts Bakery so gorgeous bread guaranteed! Beers from Wild Beer Company, wines from a natural wines company in London and then the cheeses..... Charlie Westhead from Neal’s Yard Creamery with lovely and creamy goats‘ cheeses Ragstone and Dorstone, Tom (The Cheese) from Westcombe with his proper cheddar, Gorwydd Caerphilly from Trethowan’s Dairy bought along by Todd and finally the incomer Yank, Joe Schneider and the blue cheese for the night, the Stichelton. The cheeses were all great; tasty, nutty cheddar with a good tang, smooth, creamy goats cheese that were just totally addictive, a crisp lemony Caerphilly and, the surprise of the night....I LIKE BLUE CHEESE!!! I've never liked blue cheese and it's taken an incomer yank to convert me to a traditionally English, hand made blue cheese! Lovely! And with Laura's delicious sourdough, it all went down beautifully, as did the wines and especially the first wine of the evening, a lightly sparkling rose called Festejar! Which apparently means 'let's party' and with this at your party, it would certainly be a great start! The beers on the other hand, sorry, awful! But then I'm not a beer fan so I'm sure for those that are the weirder mixtures offered by the wild beer company (one involving 400 plus frozen cucumbers!) would be a nice change! And then of course, there was the bread! Some lovely crispy thin slices of sesame sourdough brushed with olive oil and baked - the perfect way to use up bread that's a few days old - does anyone still have any of Laura's delicious sourdoughs left after a few days?? And then slices of fresh bread too as well as the chance to shape and take home our own loaves - perfect for breakfast the next morning after a rather heavy headed start to the next day!
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