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8 May 2014

May Day continued

@bishopstonsupperclub on Sat night where the talented Danielle is more than willing to cater for my allergy and without giving me anything that looks or smells significantly less divine that what everyone is having - hurrah! Four courses of amazing food with great company saw Sat night finished off in style. The less said about the trip to a random and pretty ropey bar in Cotham, the better! Home to bed at 2.30 happy and certainly not hungry! Sunday, not surprisingly, saw a rather more gentile start to the day who a wander down to Park Street to see 'Park and Slide.' In fact, all I could see from the top of Park street was the sea of humanity all the way down Park street and the massive throng on College Green - what a difference a day makes! Another wander round the Ark marquee and the marquees at Millennium Square provided me with some lovely sweet fresh English asparagus as well as a couple of different cheeses from local producers and some stunning looking lamb from a rare breed beastie with those pretty impressive horns! Can't wait to get time to cook and enjoy them (although quite a bit of the asparagus hasn't survived long enough to cook - so sweet that eating it raw is also a delight!)

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